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Berne Restaurant Tips


  • Restaurant Mappomondo (close to Hotel Arabelle)
  • Casa d'Italia (right across the street to Hotel Arabelle)

Thai / Chinese

  • There are some very good TakeAway Shops in the same street that Restaurant Mappomondo is.
  • A good place for eating is Markthalle, opposite Central Station main entrance

Cheap food for Lunch

  • There is a food court in the Central Station with Mc Donald's, Pizza, Chinese, Italian and Nordsee food
  • In the Mensa ,the Universities Restaurant, you can get a menu for 10€ approx. Mensa is on the Map you got in the Hotel


  • Tramdepot (Bus 12 to Bärengraben, own brewery)
  • Adrianos (right beside Zeitglockenturm in the old town)