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The names of the sprinters

This is the list of the persons who are attending the sprint.

  • Alexander Limi (Norway, alexander at
  • Alan Runyan (Clear Noodle, US, runyaga at
  • Robert Boulanger (Blue Dynamics, Germany, robert at
  • Philipp Auersperg (Blue Dynamics, Germany, phil at
  • Gogo Bernhard (Blue Dynamics, Germany, gogo at
  • Francesco Ciriaci (Italy, francesco at
  • Vincenzo Di Somma (Italy, vincenzo at
  • Riccardo Lemmi (Italy, riccardo at
  • Bernhard Bühlmann (4teamwork Switzerland b.buehlmann at
  • Pascal Habegger (4teamwork Switzerland p.habegger at
  • Roger Ineichen (!Projekt01 Switzerland r.ineichen at
  • Dominik Huber (!Projekt01 Switzerland d.huber at
  • Robert Rottermann (redCOR AG Bern, robert at
  • Niels Mache (struktur AG Germany, mache at
  • Michael Laubacher (Laubacher Switzerland, michael at
  • Bickel Lucas (purpleTeam Switzerland, hairmare at
  • Werner Schmutz (Switzerland, werner.schmutz at
  • Marcel Lüthi (mlsystems Switzerland, marcel.luethi at
  • Maik Röder (Uzopia France, roeder at
  • Heimo Laukkanen ( huima at )
  • Helge Tesdal (Copyleft Software, Norway, helge at
  • Aldo Bergamini (NB&A Ltd - Italy, aaberga at
  • Jonah Bossewitch (Abstract Edge, New York, jonah at
  • Oliver Senti (University of Applied Science, northwest Switzerland, oliver.senti at
  • Bejamin Saller (Abstract Edge - USA, bcsaller at
  • Ulrich Eck (net-labs Systemhaus GmbH - Germany, ueck at
  • Daniel Borlinghaus (University of applied science, northwest Switzerland, daniel.borlinghaus at
  • Marc Bodmer (Disetronic Medical Systems, marc.bodmer at
  • Simon Eisenmann (struktur AG, Germany, simon at
  • Jodok Batlogg ( gmbh, Austria, batlogg at
  • Dominik Bartenstein ( gmbh, Austria, bartenstein at
  • Ewald Natter ( gmbh, Austria, natter at
  • Thomas Wenger (CGG University of Berne, Switzerland, wenger at