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Presentations of the 3rd day

Alan Runyan shows Plone Staging

  • Different skin for development andproduction site

Philipp Auersperg shows CMFQuickInstaller

  • Plone interface for CMF Quik Installer
  • Products can now be uninstalled

Francesco Ciriaci shows reFlow in Plone

  • new task tab for documents
  • the time in minutes used to edit the document is stored

Robert Boulanger shows new tool to make surveys

  • Complex survey machinery based on CMFTypes

Jonah presents migration of types to CMFTypes

  • CMF based object types can be replaced by CMFTypes objects

Alexander Limi talks about documentation

Gregoire Weber shows CMFCollections

  • CMFCollections can be used to arrange content without using TAL
  • CMFCollection is used on

Benjamin Saller presents CMFTypes

  • Ben presents the architecture of CMFTypes